Used EDWARDS QDP80 #146638 for sale

ID: 146638
Dry pumps, many available.
EDWARDS QDP80 pump is a high performance dry vacuum pump that is optimized for applications requiring higher pumping speeds. This pump is designed for general laboratory laboratory use and can be used for a wide range of applications, such as vacuum distillation, freeze drying, and gas transfer. The first EDWARDS QDP-80 is a compact, ultra-reliable dry vacuum pump with a maximum pumping speed of 80 m3/h. It features a one-stage, direct-drive motor and a fully integrated, air-cooled oil-collecting ring. This pump is designed for extended operation and requires minimal maintenance and downtime. QDP 80 also features high volumetric efficiency and low noise levels, making it ideal for laboratory applications. QDP80 is suitable for laboratory operations, particularly those requiring a maximum pumping speed of 80 m3/h. Its rugged casing and low vibration design provide a reliable performance, while its compact design allows the pump to be easily integrated into the lab environment. QDP-80 is ideally suited to demanding applications that require a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. The motor and other components are encapsulated in a one-piece stainless steel housing, ensuring a reliable performance over a wide range of working pressures, temperatures, and speeds. The motor drive is designed for high efficiency and optimal operating temperature, further improving the performance and life of the pump. EDWARDS QDP 80 is equipped with a large capacity oil retaining system that ensures a reliable oil supply, and provides ease of maintenance and service. The pump also features a simple suction inlet design, allowing for easy installation and operation. EDWARDS QDP80 also includes a digital vacuum control feature which offers precise control over the pressure and speed of the pump. Finally, EDWARDS QDP-80 is equipped with a number of safety features that prevent vacuum failure and ensure optimum performance. A safety exhaust valve on the pump is designed to relieve internal pressure in cases of malfunction, while the integrated automatic gas ballast system and inlet valve guard against the introduction of foreign substances into the pump. Overall, QDP 80 offers a reliable and efficient performance solution for laboratories and is ideal for applications requiring high pumping speeds and reliable performance. The pump features a range of features and functions that make it ideal for demanding laboratory applications, and its compact design allows for easy integration into the laboratory environment.
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