Used EDWARDS QDP80 #161634 for sale

ID: 161634
Pump Part No.: A38207000 EDWARDS EH 1200 Booster Not used with Tungsten Hexaflouride.
EDWARDS QDP80 is a economical, deep vacuum rotary vane pump family that features an advanced oil-sealed solution. The generous body of the pump allows for user flexibility and easy service access, while the robustness of the design ensures long-lasting performance under tough industrial conditions. EDWARDS QDP-80 operates with an infinity-ring seal system, reducing the need for regular maintenance and ensuring maximum stability in even the most extreme of environments. It also features an innovative low-noise design thanks to QDP 80's advanced sound-cone technology. This helps to prevent disruption to both surrounding workers and equipment. The quality of QDP80 is also evident when it comes to energy efficiency; the energy-efficient motor saves up to 40% in energy consumption compared to other standard pumps. It also offers an integrated pressure switch for automatic start/stop for both the main pump and the booster to further reduce energy costs. EDWARDS QDP 80 is an ideal choice for a range of industrial applications, ranging from deep vacuum processes to cryogenic systems, with a capability of down to 1.3 mbar (abs) and 0.5 mbar (abs) respectively. It also offers a higher speed operation of up to 30 m3hr-1, helping to provide faster cycle times and a greater throughput. QDP-80 is also equipped with an integrated pressure switch and options such as an anti-suckback valve and condensation trap, further improving performance. The pump is also available in three sizes to suit the user's needs; single-stage, one and a half stage, and two stage. This allows the user to customise a pump system to their exact specifications. In conclusion, EDWARDS QDP80 is a reliable and cost-effective deep vacuum rotary vane pump designed to provide an energy-efficient and noise-free vacuum solution for a range of industrial applications. It proves to be a reliable, robust and efficient solution for anything from cryogenic systems to deep vacuum processes.
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