Used EDWARDS QDP80 #163566 for sale

ID: 163566
EDWARDS QDP80 is a leak-free, dry-running vacuum pump ideal for a range of industrial, medical and scientific applications. This great pump is designed for pumping and compressing air, nitrogen, oxygen and other non-corrosive gases. The motor has been designed to work hard in demanding conditions, being reliable even in extreme temperatures and moisture levels. This allows EDWARDS QDP-80 to suit a range of applications including chemical plants, medical laboratories, food and beverage production, as well as industrial environments. QDP 80 is a solidly built pump with a robust construction. It is made from durable aluminium and steel which helps to ensure its longevity and reliability. This pump also has a low profile design which allows it to be easily incorporated into tight or cramped areas of the workplace. The motor delivers a maximum flow rate of 5.7 cubic metres per minute, providing a consistently high vacuum performance. The inlet and outlet are fitted with filter cartridges so that the gas is as clean as possible before and after the pump. QDP-80 also has impressive energy efficiency. The high-efficiency motor ensures that a minimum amount of energy is used in order to keep the pump running. The permanently-lubricated design helps to reduce wear and tear, so the operating costs are kept to a minimum. The mechanical seals are designed to be durable, while the quiet operation keeps noise levels down. This allows the pump to be used in quiet, sensitive areas as well as more industrial sites. Overall, EDWARDS QDP 80 is a great tool for professionals in a range of industries. Its robust construction, high performance and low operating costs make it an ideal choice for most vacuum pumping and compressing needs. This powerful pump can reliably stand up to the most demanding conditions and its energy efficient design will help keep energy and operational costs low for years to come.
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