Used EDWARDS QDP80 #9075870 for sale

ID: 9075870
Dry vacuum pump.
EDWARDS QDP80 is a rotary vane pump. It is designed to move gases, vapor, or vapor mixtures with a capacity up to 11.4 m³/h (50 scfm). EDWARDS QDP-80 is a highly reliable and energy-efficient pumping solution. It features a rotary vane design that ensures consistent and smooth flow of gases. It has an adjustable back pressure that allows for maximum efficiency and performance. Additionally, it operates quietly, generating low noise levels while in operation. QDP 80 is a compact, high performance rotary vane roll vacuum pump. It is designed for use in a variety of industrial scenarios, including vacuuming, chemical transport, exhaust evacuation, and air sampling. It offers the maximum pumping speed of 11.4 m³/h (50 scfm). The pump comes with an adjustable back pressure and variable speed options. It can be adjusted to run at different speeds according to the demands of the application. QDP-80 is designed with a quality lubrication system. This ensures that the components are lubricated adequately for longer life and better performance. It requires little maintenance and features a low maintenance cost. The pump is equipped with a wide range of accessories and can be operated with different centers of gravity, heights, and conditions. It can also be used in a wide range of ambient pressures and temperatures. QDP80 is designed with a robust and durable construction. It is designed to provide reliable operation in harsh industrial environments. The pump is constructed from high-quality materials and components, making it suitable for many different industrial applications. The pump provides highly efficient and cost-effective solutions delivering long-term reliability. EDWARDS QDP 80 is a reliable and easy to install vacuum pump. It can be used for numerous applications and is compatible with many different gases. The pump features a hardwearing construction and is designed to last for years in harsh industrial environments. EDWARDS QDP80 is a great choice for any industry that needs a reliable and efficient vacuum solution.
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