Used EDWARDS QDP80 #9077780 for sale

ID: 9077780
Dry pump Fomblin Full Standard N2 box Exhaust pressure module Exhaust check valve. Not included: Acoustic skins Electrical power box.
EDWARDS QDP80 is a stable, reliable rotary vane vacuum pump that is designed to handle heavy industrial applications. It is a reliable, quiet, and energy efficient pump with a robust motor and construction. This particular pump offers a wide range of features that make it ideal for a number of industrial applications such as printing, packaging, chemical, and food processing applications. It also has a number of benefits compared to other pumps, providing a reliable and durable operation. EDWARDS QDP-80 has a direct drive,oil lubricated, rotary vane design, meaning that no additional components such as blowers or gearboxes are required. It is also designed with a rugged aluminum housing, providing optimal thermal management and sound protection. QDP 80 includes a service port that conveniently attaches to the intake side of the pump and enables quick and easy servicing. It also comes equipped with a reliable air exhaust filter to keep the air within the pump clean and contaminant-free. When it comes to performance, QDP-80 exceeds expectations. It is capable of delivering superior pressure and vacuum performance with minimal vibration and noise levels. It also has a wide operational range with a maximum pumping speed of 1800 liters per minute. Additionally, it has a energy-saving function that automatically senses the usage profile of the pump and adjusts the speed accordingly, resulting in lower energy consumption. It also comes with an integrated control panel that lets you quickly and easily adjust the speed and other settings. Overall, QDP80 is a reliable and durable vacuum pump that is designed for heavy industrial applications. It is energy efficient, quiet, and capable of providing superior pumping performance. With its robust construction and convenient features, it is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial applications.
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