Used EDWARDS QDP80 #9092139 for sale

ID: 9092139
Dry pump.
EDWARDS QDP80 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed for use in scientific applications. EDWARDS QDP-80 is a robust and reliable pump with a high pumping speed and ultimate vacuum down to the ultimate vacuum of 0.01 mbar (39 in.Hg). QDP 80 features a low noise level and a quiet motor as well as a range of intuitive features, which makes it one of the most popular vacuum pumps in scientific and laboratory applications. At the heart of EDWARDS QDP 80 lies its robust motor, providing a power of 460 watts. This makes sure that the pump is able to operate continuously without overheating or recirculating, reducing the power consumption significantly. In terms of size, QDP-80 only measures 165mm wide, 445mm deep and 166mm tall, occupying minimal space even when installed in compact laboratory set-ups. QDP80 also provides excellent performance with its advanced vacuum technology, enabling operation at flow rates of 29l/min and 320 m3/hr. This helps ensure clean lab work as nitrogen residuals can be reduced to 10ppm. In addition, the pump also has a variety of features, such as a gas ballast valve, an adjustable fine vacuum valve, a chemical-resistant bellows, and adjustable exhaust port. EDWARDS QDP80 is also easy and safe to operate. Thanks to its low level of noise, maintenance is significantly reduced and can be performed without the use of tools, further reducing the downtime of the system. Of course, to ensure maximum safety, EDWARDS QDP-80 also comes with a number of additional features such as a thermal cut-out, a thermal fuse, an isolation switch and a spark shield. In conclusion, QDP 80 is a highly efficient and reliable pump for applications in laboratory set-ups. It offers a combination of features such as a robust motor design, excellent performance in terms of both flow rate and vacuum level, as well as intuitive features such as its gas ballast valve, adjustable fine vacuum valve, chemical-resistant bellows, and adjustable exhaust port. Thanks to its size and low noise level, EDWARDS QDP 80 will take up minimal space and, combined with its advanced safety features, provides an excellent solution for laboratory requirements.
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