Used EDWARDS QMB1200 #122623 for sale

ID: 122623
Pumps Power supply: 208-460 V 845 CFM.
EDWARDS QMB1200 is a high-performance vacuum pump commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications. Designed for maximum efficiency, this pump features innovative technologies like oil-free and air compression for more efficient operation. EDWARDS QMB 1200 has a 60 Hz motor with a 5-year warranty, along with other features such as advanced liquid ring design and a high-flow capacity. It is able to provide a maximum pumping speed of 105L/min, a vacuum level of 250mbar, and a coverage ratio of up to 98%. QMB1200 features advanced technologies such as oil-free and air compression capabilities, which makes it easy to operate and reduce energy consumption in the process. Additionally, its revolutionary liquid ring designs help to maximize airflow while minimizing noise levels. This makes it ideal for applications with noise sensitive environments. QMB 1200 is also designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humid climates. It has a wide temperature range, between -40°C to 90°C, and an IP44 water-proof rating that allows it to be used in wet and extremely humid locations. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and helps to alleviate the risks of failure due to extreme temperatures. The advanced motor also helps to make this pump extremely efficient. It features a built-in RS-485 interface for connecting to external controllers and a frequency auto-tuning capability for responding quickly and accurately to changing demands. This makes it capable of providing a consistent level of performance in a wide range of applications. EDWARDS QMB1200 is an advanced, high-performance vacuum pump designed to provide reliable and efficient operation. It features an advanced liquid ring design, air compression, oil-free operation, and a frequency auto-tuning capability, along with a high-flow capacity and an impressive temperature range. Additionally, its durable motor and innovative features ensure a consistent level of performance for a wide range of industrial applications.
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