Used EDWARDS QMB1200 #133141 for sale

ID: 133141
Booster pumps.
EDWARDS QMB1200 is a powerful pumping equipment designed for efficient and effective liquid management. This pump model is capable of handling a maximum flow rate of up to 264 gal/min and a maximum head of 101.7 ft in order to provide outstanding performance. EDWARDS QMB 1200 comes with an impressive low maintenance shaft seal, offering durable operation in industrial settings. It is designed to handle a wide range of applications, ranging from the delivery of clean water, the transfer of acids, alkalis, and bases, and even the transfer of aggressive and corrosive liquids up to a temperature of 140°F (60°C). QMB1200 comes equipped with a robust and reliable double mechanical seal, which helps to extend the machine's service life. Its electric motor provides a continuous rating of up to 11 kW, making it suitable for a variety of applications. The robust frame of QMB 1200 also helps to ensure reliable operation in areas with high vibrations. In addition, the machine has an integrated vibration detection system, which can detect and alert operators to any malfunctions or problems before they cause any serious damage to the machine. In terms of construction, EDWARDS QMB1200 pump consists of two main components: a carbon-fluoropolymer-reinforced thermoplastic static body and an impeller housing. The static body is built to ensure maximum durability, while the impeller housing contains a powerful adjustable-speed motor. EDWARDS QMB 1200 also features an intelligent control unit that is designed to provide smooth and efficient operation. This machine includes a variable frequency drive, allowing users to adjust the pump's speed precisely according to their needs. QMB1200 is certified for use in a variety of industries. It is CSA approved for use in hazardous locations and comes with a comprehensive three-year warranty for parts and labor. In addition, QMB 1200 is designed to meet the requirements of a variety of safety standards, such as ATEX, CE, and GOST and is suitable for use in harsh and hazardous conditions. Overall, EDWARDS QMB1200 is an effective and efficient pumping tool designed for reliable use in a variety of industrial and commercial settings. It is designed for maximum durability, boasting a robust double mechanical seal, an adjustable-speed motor combined with intelligent control systems, and a static body built to ensure maximum reliability. EDWARDS QMB 1200 is also certified to meet several safety standards and is sure to provide many years of reliable use in a variety of demanding applications.
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