Used EDWARDS QMB1200 #146584 for sale

ID: 146584
Booster pumps, many available Exhaust velocity: 20,000 L/min Oil: 7.55kg.
EDWARDS QMB1200 is a power-driven diaphragm pump designed for applications requiring high pressures, stepless adjustable flow rate, and precise pressure control. It is suitable for handling both liquid and gas media, with the capability of regulating flows in the range of 1 mL/min. to 1200 mL/min. The reliable design of EDWARDS QMB 1200 makes it a great choice for achieving precise process control in industrial and laboratory applications. The motor used in this pump has an innovative two-stage ball bearing design, providing high reliability and low noise levels. The motor also utilizes a unique diaphragm design, which protects the bearings from wear and reduces power consumption. The drive mechanism consists of two cylindrical spool valves, while a spring-loaded diaphragm keeps the spools tightly closed during operation. The drive mechanism enables stepless, precise flow regulation and pressure control. QMB1200's wetted parts are made of PTFE and sintered stainless steel, making them resistant to corrosion, wear and chemical attack. It is equipped with separate suction and discharge chambers that guarantee high repeatability and low pulsation. The suction and delivery lines are located behind the front cover and are easily accessible for maintenance or pneumatic operation. Additionally, an onboard pressure transducer and limit valve provide an additional level of protection. QMB 1200 offers a variety of features and options, allowing users to customize the pump to the specific application. An automatic speed control models provides an adjustable speed range and power savings, while optional isobaric control provides the ability to adjust pressure and flow rate together. Additionally, EDWARDS QMB1200 is compatible with a range of controllers, making it easy to integrate into existing systems and provide output signals for remote operation. Overall, EDWARDS QMB 1200 offers superior accuracy, repeatability, and versatility at an affordable price. With its versatile features, QMB1200 is suitable for a wide range of applications where precise pressures and flows are required. Its robust construction and low noise levels make it an excellent choice for industrial and laboratory applications, ensuring reliable operation and efficient control.
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