Used EDWARDS QMB1200F #9096789 for sale

ID: 9096789
Pump Part Number: 50hz version A305-85-905 60hz version A305-86-905 Displacement: 1195CMH Inlet connection: ISO160 Outlet connection: ISO100 Type of oil: PFPE Minimum size backing pump: 80 CMH Cooling: Water Motor power: 3 kW, 415 V, 3 Phase
EDWARDS QMB1200F is a modern, centrifugal, pump which is designed to offer a reliable and efficient option for applications which require either higher pressures or flowrates than traditional pumps can accommodate, while still meeting the desired requirements. The main components of QMB1200F comprise of; a radial impeller, a closed compressor suction casing, casings with split-ring insert, bearing bearings and a seal. Its impeller is designed with blades which are curved to produce an axial thrust which is working in the same direction as the liquid being pumped, resulting in a more efficient performance by reducing slippage of liquid flow. EDWARDS QMB1200F is also equipped with an adjustable impeller, which allows the operator to set the desired pressure and flow rate as needed. It also features a mechanical seal which is capable of resisting leakage and thereby delivering better performance over a longer period of time. The high corrosion-resistant stainless steel construction of QMB1200F ensures that it remains reliable over an extended period of time even when exposed to harsh conditions such as acid, alkali and oil. The pump is suitable for a variety of industrial functions, from cooling systems to circulating systems, for a broad range of consumable fluids, including water, diesel, gasoline and low-viscosity lubricants. EDWARDS QMB1200F has several operational properties including a rated flow-rate of 2.8 m3/hr and a maximum operating pressure of 12 bar and a maximum speed of 5800 rpm. It has a threaded suction and outlet port connection to facilitate direct connection to a distribution system. The pump is CE and ISO certified, thus guaranteeing a high-quality performance. QMB1200F offers an outstanding range of single- and multi-speed operation, allowing for an improved energy efficiency operation. It also has a low-vibration operation to reduce noise levels making it an ideal solution for smaller applications. As an additional precaution, EDWARDS QMB1200F features a thermal overload protection system and a low-flow protection system which protect it from possible damage in hazardous scenarios. In conclusion, QMB1200F is an exceptionally reliable pump that offers individuals and businesses a cost-effective, efficient, and highly reliable option for a variety of industrial operations.
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