Used EDWARDS QMB250 #122624 for sale

ID: 122624
Pumps, 208/460V, 220 cfm.
EDWARDS QMB250 pump is an excellent choice for reliable single stage vacuum pumping in a range of industrial, scientific and production applications. EDWARDS QMB 250 pump gives you superior reliability, rapid pumpdown and long service life for added performance and peace of mind. The pump delivers powerful, consistent vacuum performance with a simple, intuitive design that's easy to maintain and operate. The unit is lightweight, weighing just 10.2 kg, and incorporates a long-lasting, high efficiency direct-drive motor, high-performance cooling fan and superior motor insulation system. QMB250 has a maximum pumping speed of 250 liters per second (L/s), providing up to 2000 millibars (mbar) of vacuum. The pump features a unique, non-flammable, self-lubricating silicone oil construction and includes an adjustable internal pressure regulator that allows precise regulation of pressure and performance, which makes it easier to use in a variety of applications. QMB 250 additionally features a convenient digital display and on-board drain valve that makes it simple to monitor and adjust the system. The pump is constructed from durable, corrosion-resistant materials such as bronze, stainless steel, and aluminum, making it long-lasting and designed to withstand harsh environments. The unit's robust design ensures its components remain safe, even in abrasive applications or potentially hazardous environments. Additional features of EDWARDS QMB250 include an integrated bypass valve that offers the highest possible free air volume flow and a single piece stainless steel turbine impeller that eliminates particles, gases and moisture, making it one of the most reliable vacuum pumps available. EDWARDS QMB 250 is an ideal choice for laboratory, industrial, and production environments that demand consistent vacuum performance.
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