Used EDWARDS QMB250 #149872 for sale

ID: 149872
Blowers, many available.
EDWARDS QMB250 is a high efficiency, low maintenance dry vacuum pump used for a variety of industrial and scientific applications. It has been on the market for over 30 years, and is manufactured by EDWARDS Vacuum Group, an international leader in the development of vacuum technologies. EDWARDS QMB 250 Pump features a unique, patented turbo molecular design. It's labeled "dry" because it is a non-oil-bearing pump, which prevents airborne pollutants from contaminating the system and the environment. Its integral design makes it exceptionally efficient at pumping down to low vacuum levels, and its high pumping speed and superior oil-free performance make it ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications. QMB250 offers a wide variety of benefits for users, including low maintenance requirements, high vacuum accuracy and performance, low operating noise, and low power consumption. The motor and bearing components are hermetically sealed, eliminating the need for oil changes in applications with this requirement. The speed and depth of the vacuum level can be quickly and easily adjusted with an electrical control panel or a series of adjustable knobs. This robust pump design is made from superior grade material, withstanding even the toughest operating conditions. It won't suffer from overheat protection, as the optimized heat distribution ensures safe usage without significant cooling provisions. It is also equipped with surge and overpressure protection that can be adjusted as needed. QMB 250 has a wide range of possible vacuum applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical processes, sample preparation and analysis, metal processing, and printing processes. Its unique design, power efficiency, and low maintenance requirements make it an ideal choice for a range of industrial environments. With its exceptional performance and reliability, EDWARDS QMB250 is an ideal choice for vacuum pump needs.
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