Used EDWARDS QMB250D #122851 for sale

ID: 122851
Pump, 208/460V, 220 cfm.
EDWARDS QMB250D is an advanced vacuum pump designed to provide reliable and efficient performance in a range of commercial, industrial, and laboratory applications. It features an economical, direct-drive motor, three-stage pumping speed, and ultra-high-vacuum capabilities. The heart of QMB250D is its direct-drive motor, which provides high-torque performance and quiet operation. The motor is capable of running at speeds from 400 to 3,500 rotations per minute (RPM) and is also adjustable to fine-tune performance. The motor also offers exceptional service life, thanks to its high-efficiency design and robust bearing system. The three-stage pumping speed on EDWARDS QMB250D increases inlet flow with minimal power consumption. This reduces the number of maintenance cycles required and the amount of noise produced by the pump. The high-vacuum capabilities of QMB250D make it suitable for a wide variety of applications, including professional-grade laboratory work and industrial use. Thanks to its dual-mode design, EDWARDS QMB250D can produce up to 20 microns of ultimate vacuum pressure. This highly efficient vacuum pressure facilitates the maximum extraction of air from a wide range of sealed systems, including test tubes and vacuum chambers. The advanced design of QMB250D includes a vacuum relief valve and inlet muffler that help to reduce noise and vibrations to a minimum. This also improves user safety and reduces stress on the motor. In addition, EDWARDS QMB250D features a number of features designed to protect against overheating. A built-in thermal protection system cuts power to the motor if it becomes too hot, while two motor air filters provide extra protection against thermal overload. Overall, QMB250D is a robust, advanced vacuum pump capable of providing high-efficiency performance in a range of commercial, industrial, and laboratory applications. It is easy to use and maintain, and its superior performance makes it an ideal choice for any application requiring reliable vacuum pressure.
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