Used EDWARDS QMB250F #9096776 for sale

ID: 9096776
Pump Part No: 50hz A301-85-905 60hz A301-86-905 Displacement: 250CMH Inlet connection: ISO63 bolted Outlet connection: ISO40 bolted Type of oil: PFPE Minimum size backing pump: 40 CMH Cooling: water Motor power: 1.5kW, 415 V, Three Phase.
EDWARDS QMB250F is a high-performance, multi-stage vacuum pump that is designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. This powerful vacuum pump is capable of reaching a maximum pressure of 250 mbar and can operate at up to 2700 rotations per minute (RPM) to provide continuous operation. Its self-priming nature and durable construction make it an ideal choice for applications requiring repetitive pumping cycles. QMB250F's motor is lubricated by an ambient-temperature oil, providing reduced maintenance and improved reliability. It is also equipped with built-in features to protect from thermal overload and gently ramps up to target vacuum pressure. In addition, the rugged construction and heavy-duty bearings offers superior vibration and noise dampening, allowing for quiet operation and improved operational life. This pump is equipped with an evaporative-cooled water jacket, which helps reduce the operating temperatures of the pump and lubricant for improved safety and a longer service life. It also includes a robust filtration system to remove contaminants from the intake stream and negate any particles that could damage the interior components of the pump. EDWARDS QMB250F is designed for use in a variety of applications including sample handling, analytical and laboratory testing, and other industrial processes requiring vacuum technology. It can be used to remove low-pressure gases from an enclosed area or generate a vacuum for further processing. In addition, it can also be used to vacuum processes prior to degassing. This pump is sold as a complete system, which includes an adjustable, dual-speed drive motor, an oil mist filter, a set of inlet and exhaust filters and a vacuum controller. Its convenient design allows for easy installation and commissioning with minimal effort. In addition, QMB250F is CE compliant, making it appropriate for use in the European Union (EU). EDWARDS QMB250F is an efficient and reliable vacuum pump that provides excellent performance and exceptional value. Its intelligent design makes it suitable for a variety of vacuum environments, while its robust construction and advanced features make it a robust and durable solution. This powerful vacuum pump is the perfect choice for applications requiring multi-stage vacuum technology.
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