Used EDWARDS QMB500 #122852 for sale

ID: 122852
Pumps, 208/460V, 355 cfm.
EDWARDS QMB500 is a metal canned, motor-driven, turbine, two-stage rotary vacuum pump designed for high performance industrial applications. It is a non-lubricated pumping unit with a direct motor voltage of 208-230/460 VAC, three-phase or 480 VAC, three-phase and/or optionally available with a DC motor design with an integral rectifier, shock mounted and encapsulated in the vacuum chamber. The pump is equipped with advanced technologies and has great reliability and a long life cycle due to its robust construction. The pump is capable of providing high vacuum levels with a maximum ultimate pressure of 5 mbar. It has a maximum displacement of 10 m3/h at atmospheric pressure and a pumping speed of 2.4 m3/h at 50 mbar. It features a modern design with a metal can construction, double sided lubricated bearings, and a machined steel body for reliability and serviceability. The metal can and stator design is optimized for maximum efficiency, reducing vibration, and ensuring the protection of sensitive loads. QMB500 is also equipped with advanced control and protection systems to provide safe, reliable and consistent performance. These include a reverse-acting gas ballast valve and pressure relief valve, a manual oil mist suppressor to protect against oil saturation, and an external over voltage protection system to protect the pump from electrical shock and overload. The pump is also designed with convenience and ease-of-use in mind and can be mounted on any surface. Additionally, EDWARDS QMB500 includes a 500m cable that can be connected directly to a power source. QMB500 is an ideal choice for industrial applications requiring high performance and reliable operation. With advanced protection and control systems, reliable performance and long life cycle, this pump is the perfect solution for any industrial application.
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