Used EDWARDS QMB500 #123125 for sale

ID: 123125
EDWARDS QMB500 Vacuum Pump is an exceptionally reliable and versatile vacuum pump specifically designed for a wide range of scientific and industrial applications. It provides quiet operation, low maintenance and energy-efficiency with ultimate reliability and high vacuum capability. This multi-stage rotary vane pump is perfect for any need in the laboratory, and it is an efficient solution for industrial use, as it offers high levels of performance in low-pressure applications. EDWARDS QMB 500 is a variable-speed, direct-drive pump that offers multiple control modes for precise vacuum control by varying the inlet opening times. Its features include a low power consumption, high performance, and low noise operation. Its service-free maintenance design includes a sealed lubricant system which ensures trouble-free operation. The low power consumption ensures greater efficiency, and when coupled with a high-end motor QMB500 offers superior performance. QMB 500 has a robust and compact design that makes it easy to install and use. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically, maximizing flexibility and convenience. EDWARDS QMB500 is capable of reaching a vacuum pressure of up to 75 mbar and has a maximum flow rate of 800 m3/h. Its low-temperature operating range makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications in scientific and industrial settings. EDWARDS QMB 500 offers excellent cleanliness and includes a filter-free design that helps minimize the chance of contamination. Its complete package includes a vacuum regulator, gauge manifold, and an inspection window for convenient maintenance. This vacuum pump also comes with comprehensive service and support from EDWARDS. Overall, QMB500 is an efficient and reliable vacuum pump solution. It offers high efficiency and low power consumption to allow for energy and cost savings. Its robust and compact design makes installation and maintenance easy for the user. Plus, its capability of delivering high vacuum pressure with a maximum flow rate make it ideal for practically any application. With low noise operation and a filter-free design, QMB 500 is a complete solution for any laboratory or industrial requirement.
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