Used EDWARDS QMB500 #146581 for sale

ID: 146581
Booster pumps, many available Exhaust velocity: 8340 L/min Oil: 3.25kg.
EDWARDS QMB500 is a rotary positive displacement positive displacement pump designed for continuous operations, both at atmospheric pressure as well as in low or high vacuum systems. It is a single-stage, air-filled design that uses diaphragm technology to draw in and pressurize gas or liquid with high reliability and efficiency. QMB500 is best suited for applications in which moderate pressure and the ability to move a wide variety of substances is required. The pump casing of EDWARDS QMB500 is made with heavy-duty aluminum alloy for maximum efficiency. This casing is designed to handle the included rubber diaphragms that have been designed with a reinforced Kevlar layer which helps to minimize leakage and extends the lifespan of the diaphragm. The pump is also equipped with replaceable stainless steel wear plates that can be easily changed or adjusted to suit the needs of the application. QMB500 has a direct driven motor which allows for a range of speeds to be chosen when operating the pump, ensuring optimal performance for the application in hand. It is also supplied with an adjustable speed control device, enabling the user to adjust the speed of the pump depending on the application. The pump is capable of up to 500 liters/min of air flow and is capable of operating between atmospheric pressure and -0.6 bars at sea level. EDWARDS QMB500 has been designed to work in a wide array of applications, including general laboratory processes and manufacturing processes. Its design allows for direct connections to the pumps inlet and outlet as well as flanges for optimal performance. It is also particularly suited for processes that require precise control of pressure since it features a dynamic bypass system which allows it to maintain steady, accurate pressure no matter what. The pump is also designed with a variety of safety features including an over-pressurization valve, a pressure relief valve and a low-pressure relief valve that protect it against possible damage or failures. QMB500 is also a low-maintenance pump, with only regular inspection and cleaning required which helps to keep maintenance costs down. Overall, EDWARDS QMB500 is a highly reliable, and efficient pump that is capable of moving a wide range of substances with great accuracy and precision. With its heavy-duty aluminum casing, stainless steel wear plates, and advanced safety features, it is ideal for most industrial and laboratory applications.
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