Used EDWARDS QMB500 #9072897 for sale

ID: 9072897
Dry pumps.
EDWARDS QMB500 is a robust and reliable wet and dry vacuum pump featuring robust materials, robust design, and powerful performance. This industrial-grade, oil-sealed rotary-vane pump is designed to efficiently pump large volumes of air and can handle high levels of dust. This high-performance pump is capable of producing 500 cubic feet per minute (CFM) of free air displacement and offers smooth, vibration-free operation, ideal for industrial applications. EDWARDS QMB 500 features a robust, heavy-duty construction that ensures the highest quality performance and operational reliability. The pump's high-efficiency design promotes energy efficiency and reduced power consumption. It is self-lubricated and thus requires no external lubrication, ensuring maintenance and reliability. It is also protected from corrosive atmospheres by its stainless steel casing. QMB500 also offers superior ultimate vacuum capability, with a typical ultimate vacuum of up to 0.01 mbars. This makes it suitable for wet and dry vacuuming, as well as rough and fine clean-up. It also features an easy-to-remove cover, two-year warranty on the cover and motor, and an oil-saver system that reduces engine wear and tear. QMB 500 is designed for user-friendly operation, with features like an integrated self-starting circuit, a series of safety sensors, and automatic shutdown in case of any failure. It is also equipped with a noise reduction shell that makes it much quieter than most pumps in its class. The pump also boasts a high-performance motor with low-temperature cooling coil that helps to maximize performance and longevity of the motor. In conclusion, EDWARDS QMB500 is an outstanding vacuum pump built to exacting standards for industrial applications. Its robust design and heavy-duty construction provide reliable performance while its easy-to-operate features make operation straightforward. EDWARDS QMB 500 is a top-of-the-line pump that is sure to provide outstanding performance and long-lasting reliability for years to come.
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