Used EDWARDS QMB500F #9096786 for sale

ID: 9096786
Pump Part Number: 50hz Version A302-85-905 60hz Version A302-86-905 Displacement: 505 CMH Inlet connection: ISO100 bolted Outlet connection: ISO63 bolted Oil Type: PFPE Minimum size backing pump: 40 CMH Cooling: Water Motor power: 2.2 kW, V- Variable, 3 Phase.
EDWARDS QMB500F is a high-quality pump used for a range of industrial applications. It's designed to provide consistent maintenance-free pumping performance and reliable operation for many years. This robust, single-acting reciprotating pump features a diaphragm of FKM-coated polyethylene and operates at a maximum pressure of 35 bar with a flow rate up to 125 m3/h. QMB500F is an air-driven pump with an efficient design featuring replaceable wearing parts, offering long lasting service life and extended maintenance intervals and minimizing downtime. It has built-in self-lubricating check valves and an adjustable relief valve ensuring safe operation and protecting from overpressurization. Its cast-iron construction provides sub-zero endurance and its reinforced diaphragm delivers enhanced chemical and thermal resistance. A unique feature of EDWARDS QMB500F is that it does not rely on high-speed drive arrangements as it employs an air motor instead of an electric motor. This enables the pump to run regardless of the available power source, whether or not it provides quick starting of operation. The motor is one of the most efficient on the market and runs with minimal noise at a range of pressures and flow rates. QMB500F also comes with an optional built-in lubrication system that automatically keeps all its moving parts well-oiled and running smoothly. The lubrication system is highly durable, providing optimum performance as well as corrosion-resistant components for long-term serviceability. It also has an IP55-rated double-insulated motor for improved protection against hazardous temperature conditions. In addition to its robust and reliable performance, EDWARDS QMB500F is equipped with an auxiliary valve that offers shut-off protection in case of emergency. Its sturdy steel frame is also designed to withstand challenging environments such as workshops and job sites. Its maintenance is minimal since it can be easily dismantled and its components replaced if worn. QMB500F provides a highly efficient and reliable solution for a range of industrial applications. Its low-speed operation enables faster starts, reduces motor noise, and prolongs its service life. Its maintenance-free design minimizes downtime and maximizes on-site productivity while economical pricing makes it a preferred choice for many.
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