Used EDWARDS RV12 #142697 for sale

ID: 142697
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS RV12 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed specifically to meet the demands of a wide range of industrial, scientific and medical applications. This high performance and versatile pump features a die-casted aluminum body with efficient sliding vanes that efficiently draw in and evacuate gases or vapors from an enclosed space. EDWARDS RV-12 is a single-stage, variable speed vacuum pumping device that is capable of creating high vacuum levels up to 99.95% of atmospheric pressure. The pump is equipped with multiple intake and exhaust ports, making it possible for applications to Be connected to both the inlet and outlet so that the user can truly maximize their potential uses. It also offers quick start-up and low vibration levels during operation, making it ideal for sensitive processes. Additionally, the pump has adjustable speed control for precise vacuum level maintenance, and EDWARDS unique DuraDrive equipment, which increases the life of the motor and pump components, including the vanes and bearings, providing a cost and energy efficient solution. RV 12 is equipped with a single cylinder that is designed and rated to provide exceptional performance at higher temperatures, as well as a sealed ball bearing and durable bearing housing. This prevents direct contact between oil and the moving parts, allowing for longer service life and efficient cooling. In addition, the pump incorporates permanent magnet technology and EDWARDS signature tension-band design, enhancing reliability and allowing for minimal maintenance at high-duty cycles. RV-12 pump is designed to reduce operating noise and is capable of reducing air leakage in the system thanks to its oil-sealed mechanism and sump-vented design. With features like a large oil tank to recapture released vapor and oil mist, as well as a fully automatic condensate extraction unit, RV12 provides an economical solution for the most demanding applications. The pump is also CE certified, UL/CSA recognized, and includes an automatic flame protection machine for complete safety.
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