Used EDWARDS RV12 #154322 for sale

ID: 154322
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS RV12 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed to provide reliable performance in industrial, scientific and research-based environments. It offers a low cost solution for achieving excellent vacuum performance and utilises a proven, highly efficient internal design. EDWARDS RV-12 is a single-stage and air-cooled vacuum pump with an integrated oil mist separator and a gas ballast valve. RV 12 is a compact, low-vibration rotary vane vacuum pump with a direct drive motor for optimum performance. The motor is vibration and noise reduced for a quieter operation. The motor is also maintenance free and does not require additional lubrication beyond the factory fill of mineral oil. The motor runs at a maximum of 1350 RPM, allowing for a much quieter operation and reduced wear on the bearings. RV12 has a pumping speed of 8 m³/h and an ultimate pressure of 0.7 mbar providing excellent performance and consistent operation in the presence of corrosive or reactive gases. This rotary vane vacuum pump is designed to work with wide range of gases including air, various hydrocarbons, ammonia, carbon dioxide and many more. EDWARDS RV 12 is also equipped with an inlet port of DN40KF and Gas-ballast valve which helps in cooling and draining of condensable gases. This vacuum pump is also equipped with an in-built oil mist separator to eliminate oil mist and oil vapor emissions to a level of -0.5 mbar. RV-12 is designed to operate safely and reliably over a prolonged period of time and is equipped with a number of safety and alert systems to protect it from things like overload, over- and under-temperature, power failure and thermal shutdown. The advanced motor protection system prevents motor damage for longer service life and reliability. EDWARDS RV12 is also very easy to install and maintain, with minimal upkeep and maintenance required. Overall, EDWARDS RV-12 is an ideal choice for low cost vacuum applications and is particularly suitable for applications in the industry, research labs and other scientific environments. With its low noise and vibration levels, its easy installation and maintenance procedures and its reliable performance, RV 12 is an excellent vacuum pump solution.
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