Used EDWARDS RV12 #9055011 for sale

ID: 9055011
EDWARDS RV12 rotary vane pump is designed with a low-vibration single-stage dry pumping system for a wide range of vacuum application. This rugged, compact, and reliable rotary vane pump features a brushless direct-drive DC motor and is one of the quietest operating pumps available. Its multi-pole permanent magnet motor assembly provides a no spark, low-noise, maintenance free operation and boasts a fast, reliable start up. The variable speed motor control, combined with its optimized rotor and blade design, provides a wide pumping speed range from 10 to 117 m3/h (18 to 205 CFM) and an ultimate vacuum pressure of -50 mbar with a high compression ratio of 23. EDWARDS RV-12 provides a high pumping capacity with a low power input (Watts x m3/h) and efficient pumping speed across a wide range of vacuum applications. The pump design also includes an integrated gas ballast valve and dynamic gas ballast with air-cooled oil sump to allow for deeper vacuum demands. The oil level monitoring system on the pump head offers extended maintenance intervals and allows for easy checks of the pump lubricant condition. The pump also has electro-magnetic brake disengagement allowing for an easy start up without the need of a separate controller. An automatic break-in procedure is specified after 6 hours of running the pump, as well as an automatic oil-level regulation system to ensure a clean, efficient, and quiet running pump. RV 12 is environmentally friendly, with minimal harmonic emissions meeting EMC requirements and ISO and CE certifications. RV12 pump is ideal for a wide variety of applications in manufacturing processes, pharmaceuticals, food packaging, dry distillation. The robust and reliable design also makes EDWARDS RV 12 pump perfect for various laboratory research applications.
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