Used EDWARDS RV12 #9069488 for sale

ID: 9069488
Wet pumps 5 mTorr.
EDWARDS RV12 Vacuum Pump is a high-performance two-stage rotary vane pump with a rated pumping speed of 12 m3/hr (20 l/m). The pump is designed for operation in medium to high-vacuum applications with a base pressure of 150 mbar (0.00000015 Atm) and a pumping speed of 20 l/min. EDWARDS RV-12 Vacuum Pump has been designed and manufactured with robust material to offer reliable operation and longevity, including an oil-lubricated, sealed bearing assembly to reduce noise and wear. The pump is also equipped with a built-in anti-suckback valve for additional safety. RV 12 Vacuum Pump is powered by an asynchronous, self-starting motor that runs on 220-240V single phase with an input power of 120 W. The inlet port of the pump is equipped with an integrated vacuum filter to protect the pump from dirt and debris. The pump has a compact design that can be mounted on any horizontal surface, and RV12 Vacuum Pump is also stackable for increased operational efficiency. EDWARDS RV 12 Vacuum Pump is equipped with a mechanical vacuum gauge that enables accurate monitoring of the pump's performance. The mechanical gauge can indicate the real pressure of the system and display the base pressure, limit pressure, and maximum outlet pressure. The pump has a built-in pressure regulator to control the flow rate and is also fitted with a water cooled condenser for increased cooling efficiency. RV-12 Vacuum Pump is designed to minimize maintenance and offers a long operating life with low noise and vibration. The pump has an oil level indicator window to monitor the oil condition and an integrated oil changing unit to easily exchange the pump oil. The pump can also be connected to an external vacuum controller for more precise control and monitoring. EDWARDS RV12 Vacuum Pump includes drainage tubes to easily manage excess condensate. Overall, EDWARDS RV-12 Vacuum Pump is a reliable and powerful two-stage rotary vane pump for medium to high-vacuum applications. The pump is equipped with various features to ensure long life and low maintenance and is stackable for increased efficiency and space savings. Additionally, the pump has a mechanical vacuum gauge for monitoring performance and is also integrated with a self-starting motor for rapid start-up.
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