Used EDWARDS RV3 #142694 for sale

ID: 142694
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS RV3 is a medium-sized, multi-stage rotary vane vacuum pump designed for industrial use. It is designed to offer high performance and long-lasting performance in tough environments and with difficult media. The pump is equipped with a large single stage, thermally protected, and efficient motor for high speed operation, and is capable of pumping a wide variety of liquids, condensates, and gasses. EDWARDS RV-3 can be used in many different applications, such as laboratory and industrial vacuum systems, vacuum packaging machines, semiconductor and pharmaceutical production processes, central vacuum systems, and evaporative condensers and other heat exchangers. RV 3 is equipped with an air-cooled, oil-free motor for continuous operation and features an oil mist separator for efficiently separating vapour, smoke, and aerosols from the vacuum chamber. The motor has a high oil-flow rate designed to minimize energy use and extend pump life. The pump also contains isothermally balanced bearings, which offer rolling and static rigidity, and are optimized to provide a dry and reliable running service. RV-3 is fitted with an easy-to-operate, cast-alloy oil reservoir, and is pressure tested before use to ensure the integrity of the components and to protect the pump from frequent mechanical failures. The pump also features a Two-speed oil system for high-efficiency performance, and integrated dual-bufferfloat valves to prevent losses and reduce downtime. EDWARDS RV 3 has a minimum ultimate pressure of 9.0x10-2 mbar, a water vapor pumping rating of 45 m3/h, and a maximum suction cavity volume of 18.835 dm3. The pump measures 469mm in width and 380mm in height, while its weight is just 18kg. It is easy to install and service, and offers ETL and CE approval, as well as NFPA certification.
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