Used EDWARDS RV3 #9088071 for sale

ID: 9088071
Rotary vane pump.
EDWARDS RV3 pump is a multi-stage rotary vacuum pump manufactured by EDWARDS High Vacuum Technology. It has a variety of applications in scientific, industrial and manufacturing processes. EDWARDS RV-3 is designed to provide high suction and pumping capacity with low noise levels. Its simple, easy-to-use design is well suited for vacuum and other process-related operations. RV 3 comprises three main components: the housing, cooled fan and motor. The unit houses a single-stage, self-contained aluminum alloy housing featuring cooling fins and a corrosion-resistant coating. The housing also contains a nickel plated stainless steel slip and drive mechanism to ensure quiet operation and long life. Inside the housing, the fan and motor assembly is temperature regulated to ensure uniformity in performance. Within each stage of EDWARDS RV 3 is a direct-drive fan that provides a continuous flow of air to the motor for its operation. The fan is made out of return curved blades, with a forward inclined impeller that generates a high-speed air stream in the direction of the motor, thus providing a high level of cooling. The motor is a 3-phase, frequency-controlled direct-drive motor that is thermally adjustable and provides low noise operation with optimal performance. In operation, RV-3 achieves a pumping speed of 42m³/hr and a ultimate pressure down to 4x10-6 mbar. Its high suction capacity is beneficial in processes that require high flow rates or require working pressures below atmospheric. RV3 offers a wide range of safety features such as leak-free performance, adjustable running temperature and oil-less operation. Additionally, the pump includes self-protection mechanisms to prevent the motor from overheating and protect against short circuits. EDWARDS RV3 pump is a reliable and efficient multi-stage rotary vacuum pump designed to provide high performance in vacuum-related and other processes. Its advanced design, ease of use, and cost-effectiveness deliver exceptional, reliable results.
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