Used EDWARDS RV3 #9094965 for sale

ID: 9094965
Pumps Part Nos: A652-01-903, A652-01-906, A652-09-903 Pumping Speed: 3.7 CMH Description: 2 Stage pump Oil Type: Mineral or PFPE.
EDWARDS RV3 is an oil resistant, rotary vane pump which is used for a wide range of industrial applications. It has been optimised for ultimate efficiency and boasts a corrosion resistant design. This pump has a carbon graphite vanes and is built, lubricated, and sealed with the highest quality materials. The carbon vanes are designed to provide the highest volumetric efficiency and key components of the pump are vapor-hardened to provide excellent strength and durability. The lubrication system utilises a synthetic hydrocarbon oil that is known for its mechanical stability, heat transfer, and low-temperature performance. EDWARDS RV-3 is powered by a 3-phase motor that is efficient and reliable for many demanding industrial applications. The motor is vibration-proof, and the load-bearing components are corrosion-resistant to ensure that each of the parts are able to withstand any sudden loading conditions. RV 3 has a self-contained priming and venting system which allows for superior suction capabilities and quick priming. The self- bleeder system within the pump eliminates the need to rely on external venting and priming equipment reducing maintenance costs. This pump also features a thermal overload switch which activates when the motor reaches a certain operating temperature, reducing the chance of motor damage due to overheating. RV-3 is designed for an easy installation process and offers several connection configurations, depending on the application. It has radial inlet and outlet ports to provide maximum flexibility and accessibility for a variety of conditions and pressures. EDWARDS RV 3 pump is designed to provide optimum performance with low maintenance costs. Its compact design makes this pump ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, where space is limited without sacrificing quality. With its proven reliability, this pump is an excellent choice for any application which requires a dependable and corrosion-resistant motor.
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