Used EDWARDS RV5 #142695 for sale

ID: 142695
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS RV5 is a high-performance, single-stage, rotary vane mechanical pump designed for low to medium vacuum applications. With its corrosion-resistant alloy construction, RV5 is ideal for usage in everyday laboratory, industrial, and research applications. The motor is permanently lubricated for continuous operation and is capable of maintaining a sustained vacuum even for prolonged vacuum cycles. It also has low noise operation at both running and idle speeds due to a balanced drive train and a preferred choice of impeller materials. The pump is equipped with a dedicated inlet filter which protects the motor from dust and other foreign particles. It is also equipped with a gas ballast valve for controlling vapors. EDWARDS RV5 pump is supplied with an inlet stub that connects directly to various standard laboratory systems, or it can be connected to custom vacuum systems. The pump can reach ultimate vacuum levels of 10^-2 torr, and its inlet connection is compatible with both KF25 and ISO-KF flange systems. RV5 features a pump head and fully integrated control electronics, making it a stand-alone system that can be used without any additional components. This makes installation quick and easy, saving time and effort over separate components. Overall, EDWARDS RV5 is a quality rotary vane pump that offers reliability and consistent performance, perfect for a variety of low to medium vacuum applications.
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