Used EDWARDS RV5 #9095076 for sale

ID: 9095076
Pump 240V A653-01-903 115V A653-01-906 PFPE A653-099-03 Displacement: 5.8CMH (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Inlet connection: NW25 Outlet connection: NW25 Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 250W, 1 phase, 240V.
EDWARDS RV5 rotary vane vacuum (RV) pump is a versatile and reliable pump used worldwide in many major industrial and scientific applications. This product is designed to provide the highest vacuum possible in many industrial spaces, such as dental surgeries, food processing, automotive manufacturing, and general laboratory workspaces. This is a feature-rich vacuum pump which stands out from standard compressor systems with its advanced technology and exceptional performance. RV5 pump features a free-standing frame construction, with a durable cast iron body and machined aluminum components. This design allows for a high degree of rigidity and outstanding performance in many applications. It is powered by a variable speed, brushless motor that maintains optimum power levels with minimal electrical input. This motor can rotate at 4-stage speeds, from 25-900 RPM, thereby providing ultimate control over the vacuum pressure. EDWARDS RV5 pump is capable of operating with a maximum ultimate vacuum pressure of 29.9 inHg, and with a low noise of only 63 dB(A). This enables the device to be used in many environments without causing disturbances. The equipment also supports a vacuum relief valve, and a built-in gas ballast system that allows it to function with oil or petroleum-based vapors. RV5 pump also offers an intelligent start and stop feature, as well as a control panel that can be used to set the appropriate speed and pressure levels, which are visible through a display monitor. There is also a built-in temperature monitoring unit that continuously checks and maintains ideal temperature levels to avoid damage. This machine is protected against common electrical power fluctuations, and the pump is protected against rust and corrosion with anti-rust powder coating. EDWARDS RV5 vacuum pump is a reliable and durable machine that is sure to last for years of service. Its advanced technology and features, coupled with its features, low noise, and high performance makes this product a must-have for every industrial and scientific workspace.
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