Used EDWARDS RV8 #142696 for sale

ID: 142696
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS RV8 is a high-performing rotary vane vacuum pump designed for use in demanding industrial pumping applications. This pump is capable of reaching ultimate pressures as low as 0.2 Torr for a wide range of applications including production processes and research labs. This pump offers a variety of benefits including fast operation, dependable performance and excellent efficiency. EDWARDS RV-8's rotary-vane design allows it to operate quickly and efficiently. With an adjustable lead angle and an air stream that flows parallel to the vane slots, RV 8 reduces noise and the pulsation associated with many other vacuum pumps. The design also helps to optimize lubrication, reducing wear and maximising efficiency. In addition, the pump's oil mist filtration technology helps to keep the system clean and protect against the formation of lubricant aerosols, further minimizing wear and the risk of contamination. EDWARDS RV 8 is also equipped with a number of safety features, such as an advanced fireguard system and high-temperature detector, that help to minimize the risk of accidents. Additionally, the pump is designed with an advanced air-inlet structure that reduces the need for frequent oil changes. This helps to keep maintenance costs low and ensures reliable operation. Lastly, RV-8 offers a range of features that make it easier to use and configure. This includes an easy-to-use oil return system, a colour-coded vacuum-regulating knob and a range of automatic controls that can be adjusted according to applianceneeds. Together, these features combine to create a dependable and user-friendly vacuum pump solution that is ideal for demanding vacuum mitigation applications.
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