Used EDWARDS RV8 #9055010 for sale

ID: 9055010
EDWARDS RV8 is a high quality, robust, rotary vane vacuum pump that is ideal for applications that require rapid, reliable and energy efficient vacuuming. EDWARDS RV-8 is a reliable, cost-effective pump that operates quietly, with an operating noise level of only 56 dB (A). RV 8 has an advanced and reliable design. Its robust construction, coupled with a choice of materials and coatings, ensures an extended service life and reliable, low maintenance operation. The advanced lubrication system uses an oil, eliminating the need for oil changes or external servicing of the rotor and bearings, reducing downtime and ensuring optimal performance. RV8 is designed for use in laboratory, medical, manufacturing and scientific applications. Its compact, lightweight design and low power consumption make it ideal for use in areas where low-level noise is a priority, such as operating theatres. EDWARDS RV 8 has a flow range of 12 cfm (17 m³/hour) and features a range of features that improve operational efficiency. The pump features double sided carbon pile bearings for vibration isolation, high-efficiency fans for improved heat dissipation and an active trap to protect the pumping chamber from aggressive vapours. RV-8 is extremely efficient, consuming only 7.6kW of power during operation, achieving an ideal balance between performance, noise and energy efficiency. The pump's oil mist filter, high-temperature limit, oil mist separator, and automatic overload protection ensure that operations remain safe and reliable, even in extreme applications. EDWARDS RV8's features and characteristics make it a highly efficient and reliable vacuum pump for a range of industrial and research applications. It is suitable for use with non-aggressive liquids, corrosive gases and vapours, and flammable materials, providing the assurance of reliable performance in any environment or application.
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