Used EDWARDS RV8 #9059976 for sale

ID: 9059976
Vacuum pump 6.9 CFM.
EDWARDS RV8 Vacuum Pump is a reliable rotary vane pump known for its efficient vacuum production and its ability to handle high-pressure applications. This type of pump is a closed system and operates without the need for oil, steam, or additional air. EDWARDS RV-8 pump's unique design allows it to create vacuum levels sufficient for typical laboratory applications up to 10-4 torr. RV 8 pump features rotors of curved blades connected to an eccentrically mounted rotor shaft. This system creates a sealed chamber that reciprocates between the vanes and the housing of the machine creating a low-pressure environment when the vanes come together. When the rotor and housing separate, the incoming air is forced out through the exhaust port. As the rotor continues its rotation, the chambers become full of atmospheric air, increasing the vacuum level until equilibrium is achieved. This type of vacuum pump has an inlet port through which air enters at atmospheric pressure. The air is then discharged on both sides of the vanes, meaning that virtually all of the air passes over the housing and through the exhaust port, creating a strong vacuum. A built-in silencing system minimizes noise levels for laboratory and other controlled applications. EDWARDS RV 8 Vacuum Pump is an efficient and reliable solution for various applications including laboratories, industrial plants, liquid waste treatment, packaging and food processing. It boasts a self-lubricating design for increased reliability, and advanced technology such as joint-free sealing elements. Additionally, maintenance is easier due to a removable motor and rotor. Overall, RV8 Vacuum Pump is an advanced technological solution designed for a variety of specialized applications. Its efficiency and reliable performance make it a preferred choice when dealing with large-scale vacuum operations.
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