Used EDWARDS RV8 #9095089 for sale

ID: 9095089
Pump 240V A654 01 903 115V A654 01 906 PFPE A654 09 903 Displacement: 9.7 CMH Inlet connection: KF25 Outlet connection: KF25 (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 0.45 kW, 240 V, Single Phase.
EDWARDS RV8 vacuum pump is a powerful, high performance rotary vane pump designed for laboratory and industrial use. It is capable of generating vacuum pressures from 0.2 mbar to 40 mbar. It is powered by a three phase electric motor, with a range of available rotors enabling a wide flow range of 4 to 200 m³/hour. EDWARDS RV-8 utilizes an oil-sealed design, which means that its mechanical parts are constantly lubricated with oil leading to a much smoother operation and longer life. It is equipped with an insulation class F motor, rated for 60 Hz, which means that it can be used in any voltage range from 115 V up to 600 V. It is also designed with a gasballast valve, which allows for the addition of clean air to the pumped system, ensuring a long life and reliable performance. The pump body is constructed from aluminum alloy, which provides excellent cooling capabilities and is resistant to oxidation. The pumping path is processed using laser welding, which ensures a hermetic seal and efficient operation. Its integrated anti-suction valve prevents gas recirculation during start-up, significantly decreasing the volume of required maintenance. RV 8 has a noise level of 71 dB(A) and an integrated wrap-around exhaust filter to catch harmful molecules, gases and particles, providing clean exhaust emissions. The exhaust manifold is also equipped with a temperature sensor that monitors the temperature of the exhaust gas and triggers an alarm message when an over-temperature condition is detected. RV8 provides an intuitive graphical operation and maintenance interface, and includes built-in safety features such as an overload protector, which prevents damage to the system if the motor or oil temperature exceeds the limits. Additionally, its built-in service port allows quick connections with optional accessories, such as an oil mist filter or an oil return filter. EDWARDS RV 8 is a reliable, efficient and powerful vacuum pump ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. Together with its robust construction, reliable motor and advanced safety features, it makes it the ideal choice for any installation requiring a reliable, high performance vacuum pump.
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