Used EDWARDS SCU-1500 #9081783 for sale

ID: 9081783
Turbo pump controller.
EDWARDS SCU-1500 is an advanced, high-performance dry vacuum pump designed for a variety of industrial applications. It offers greater pumping speeds and efficiencies than previous technologies, making it an ideal choice for applications ranging from molecular distillation to Co2 laser power supplies. This vacuum pump operates through a single phase motor powered by 220 volts AC/50 Hz and a maximum current draw of 11 amps, ensuring reliable and consistent performance. SCU-1500 offers a wide range of desirable features. It is equipped with an inlet flushing equipment to help reduce pump down time, and the low thermal emission allows for the efficient operation of high-temperature processes. This pump also features a high compression ratio that enables operations at a lower end pressure than other available pumps, resulting in reduced operating costs and improved process control. EDWARDS SCU-1500 is a robust, self-contained unit that is lightweight and compact. Its stainless steel construction is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also ensures greater strength and longevity. It also features an advanced noise reduction system that keep sound levels to a minimum in most applications, allowing for worry-free operation in densely populated areas. SCU-1500 is manufactured using the highest quality materials and components, ensuring that it produces superior performance and results. This vacuum pump is equipped with a single-stage based rotary vane design with an integral relief valve and exhaust filter. This means that it remains fully isolated from the pumping unit for a maximum of safety and convenience. EDWARDS SCU-1500 vacuum pump is an advanced, efficient solution that is designed for a variety of industrial applications. It offers reliable performance with a low noise level, and its high compression ratio and inlet flushing machine makes it a smart choice for users needing efficient operation. Its stainless steel construction is easy to maintain and ensures greater longevity, ensuring that it remains dependable for many years to come.
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