Used EDWARDS SCU-21D #146656 for sale

ID: 146656
Turbo pump controller.
EDWARDS SCU-21D is a rotary vane pump designed to provide a reliable, low-maintenance and energy-efficient vacuum equipment. This pump can be used in a variety of industrial and scientific applications, including laboratory water vapor analysis and drying, heat treatment and degassing, and semiconductor applications. SCU-21D is constructed with a robust stainless steel casing, making it ideal for environments with high exposure to dust and moisture. The hermetically sealed pump is designed with an external oil-type lubrication system which keeps components running smoothly and prevents contamination of the atmosphere. Additionally, the oil injected rotary vane construction provides reliable sealing between the stator and rotor, enabling the pump to operate at inlet pressures of up to 1.1 mbar or at inlet pressures of 0.3 mbar provided by a booster pump. EDWARDS SCU-21D is equipped with a maintenance-friendly, direct-drive motor that eliminates coupling- and pulley-related maintenance requirements, resulting in fewer moving parts and reduced downtime. Additionally, the pump features noise and vibration suppression controls to provide smooth, low-noise operation. SCU-21D is capable of producing an ultimate pressure of 10-2 mbar (without additional booster pumps) and a pumping speed of 58 cubic meters per hour. The silent operation and low energy consumption add to the cost effectiveness of this pump. Its large oil reservoir ensures that the pump operates reliably in demanding applications and reduces the need for frequent maintenance. EDWARDS SCU-21D is both safe and reliable. It is designed with a built-in mechanical overload protection unit which prevents the motor from becoming overloaded and tripping out. Additionally, the pump utilizes a thermal protection machine which provides thermal monitoring and protection to the motor. Overall, SCU-21D is an ideal vacuum pump for a variety of industrial, research and development, and commercial applications. The combination of reliability, low maintenance and energy-efficient operation make it a highly efficient and cost-effective option.
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