Used EDWARDS SCU-301 #146657 for sale

ID: 146657
Turbo pump controllers.
EDWARDS SCU-301 is a vacuum pump commonly found in laboratories, medical, and research facilities. This pump is designed for processes where a reliable source of suction is needed, with a capacity of 1.3 m3/hour. Its modest size and quiet operation make it an ideal choice for any space, while its advanced motors and components assure reliable performance. SCU-301 is a simple and straightforward solution that is highly dependable and designed to last. It uses oil-sealed rotary vane technology to create a powerful vacuum of 50 mbar and can be operated continuously with minimal maintenance requirements. EDWARDS SCU-301 features a rotary vane vacuum pump design that allows for efficient and powerful operation. It is self-lubricating and enclosed in a corrosion-resistant stainless steel housing, making it suitable for installation in any environment and able to withstand harsh conditions. This pump comes equipped with efficient motors and an easy-to-use control panel. The motor power is adjustable between 1,100 and 2,200 watts, allowing for a wide range of operating conditions. SCU-301 also features resilient carbon and ceramic shaft seals, which helps to minimize downtime and keep the pump running smoothly. Finally, the pump has built-in overload protection and safety features, including a thermal switch to shut off the pump if it overheats, as well as a low oil pressure indicator to alert users when the oil level is low. The robust design and power of EDWARDS SCU-301 make it an ideal choice for applications requiring a reliable vacuum pump. Its orifice-free design prevents the leakage of air, enabling it to maintain a strong vacuum, and the low noise levels allow for quiet operation. SCU-301 is also an economical solution for medical and research facilities that require reliable and efficient operation.
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