Used EDWARDS SCU-H200K18 #146668 for sale

ID: 146668
EDWARDS SCU-H200K18 is a powerful and reliable vacuum pump which is specifically designed to be used in commercial and industrial settings. It is an air-cooled and single-stage rotary vane pump which features a convenient and compact construction. SCU-H200K18 features a 2HP motor which provides efficient performance and quick start up, as well as long periods of operation. It has a maximum pumping speed of 200m3/hr and a maximum ultimate pressure of 100 Torr. With a mechanical structure rated to 125 mbar, EDWARDS SCU-H200K18 is therefore suitable for use in high vacuum applications. SCU-H200K18 has a robust and reliable design which allows it to resist the wear and tear of continuous use. Its corrosion-resistant components are designed to provide a long service life, enabling it to be used for many years even under tough industrial conditions. Its exceptional and consistent pumping performance allows EDWARDS SCU-H200K18 to produce consistent and reliable results over prolonged periods of time. This makes it perfect for demanding applications, where its effectiveness and longevity are valued. SCU-H200K18 is further equipped with an integrated oil-mist separator, which provides efficient and reliable protection against oil contamination. This reduces the need for frequent maintenance, which is beneficial in terms of time, money and resources. EDWARDS SCU-H200K18 is also incredibly easy to install, with no need for complicated tools or equipment, which makes it ideal for any setting. All it requires is that it is mounted in the right place in order to obtain the maximum performance. In conclusion, SCU-H200K18 is an effective and reliable vacuum pump. It is designed for use in demanding industrial and commercial settings and offers excellent performance with its durable and corrosion-resistant components. It is also easy to install and requires minimal maintenance, making it the perfect choice for any environment.
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