Used EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C #9083136 for sale

ID: 9083136
Turbo pump.
EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C is an advanced turbomolecular vacuum pump designed to provide reliable and efficient operation in a wide range of industrial and scientific applications. Its innovative design combines high-speed rotation with an offset motor and wave-shaped blades, providing the ultimate in performance and efficiency. EDWARDS STP-H2000C has an impressive operating range of 1 to 1000 Torr, allowing operation in a wide variety of vacuum applications. It has an impressive pumping speed of 1000 l/min, making it suitable for high-vacuum processes. Additionally, the pump boasts a robust construction and is able to work in extreme temperatures of -20°C to +70°C. SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C is designed to be both easy to use and maintain. It features an adjustable front panel that can be rotated 360 degrees to provide easy access to the motor from any angle. This allows for quick and easy maintenance, ensuring optimal performance without having to take the pump out of service. Additionally, the pump can be monitored remotely using an optional RS-232C communications interface. STP-H2000C also features an integrated motor cooling system that ensures the motor operates at an optimal temperature during operation. This provides increased longevity and durability during even the most demanding of applications. Overall, EDWARDS / SEIKO SEIKI STP-H2000C is a top of the line turbomolecular pump designed for a high degree of reliability and efficiency. Its wide range of operating parameters make it suitable for use in a variety of industrial and scientific applications, while its robust construction and adjustable motor provides convenient access for maintenance and operations. Additionally, the integrated motor cooling system ensures optimal performance and longevity.
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