Used EDWARDS SP2 #9094961 for sale

ID: 9094961
Pump Model No: A134 519 912 Displacement: 2.7 CMH (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Inlet connection: 15 mm pipe Outlet connection: 12mm nozzle Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air .18 kW, 240 V, 1 Phase.
EDWARDS SP2 is an economically efficient and highly reliable dry vacuum pump designed to handle a variety of different needs. SP2 incorporates a robust and low maintenance design that includes an XT rotor that keeps rotation smooth while providing lower operating running temperature. EDWARDS SP2 has a two-stage centrifugal dry pump that operates on a simple design principle. It uses two separate rotors to compress the air and evacuate a range of gases, vapors, and air. The rotors consist of a single-stage impeller and a multi-stage scroll impeller. The scroll impeller operates at substantially lower speed while delivering faster evacuation rates and higher efficiency. The single-stage impeller is supported by an oil-free bearing equipment that ensures low noise operation. The XT rotor also provides a lower temperature profile, and the design helps to reduce vibration levels. Furthermore, SP2 has built-in shock absorption to reduce noise and ensure longer life. The vacuum piston and valve system are designed for quick response and reliable operation. An integrated purge unit also helps to reduce water vapor and other contaminants from the pump. EDWARDS SP2 is extremely reliable, providing long-term accelerated performance. Its vapour-trapping relief valve provides downstream pressure protection. The pump also features a pressure display mounted on the front panel, allowing easy monitoring of the machine. SP2 is also equipped with built-in safety features that provide enhanced protection against over-pressure and moisture. In addition, the pump has been designed for easy maintenance and dismantlement, and a diagnostic port is also included. EDWARDS SP2 is an economical and reliable dry vacuum pump solution. Its versatile characteristics make it suitable for a wide range of industrial and laboratory applications. Its superior design allows for both high performance and a long service life, making it a smart choice for any operation with rigorous standards.
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