Used EDWARDS STPA-803C #9068413 for sale

ID: 9068413
Turbo pumps P/N: STPA803C-ISO160F Magnetically levitated 800 L/s Ultimate pressure: 10^-9 mbar DN 160 ISO-F inlet Water cooled Inlet screen and purge port.
EDWARDS STPA-803C is a highly efficient pump designed to move clean and dry air, gas, or liquids in a wide variety of industrial applications. It has a modular design, consisting of two separate, yet interconnected components, the avanced air-powered pump and the Advanced Controller Unit. With the two components combined, STPA-803C is capable of delivering a maximum output flow of 1690 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) at a maximum pressure of 9.00 Barg. The pump utilizes a zero-maintenance, air-powered diaphragm mechanism, which features a closed-type design that eliminates the need for manual lubrication. This eliminates wear and tear on parts, prolonging the lifespan of the pump while reducing the need for regular maintenance and associated costs. The pump is also designed with large clearance bodies and streamlined internals, which reduce pulsations and minimize the amount of pressure drop across the system, allowing for cleaner, and more efficient operation. The Advanced Controller Unit (ACU) of EDWARDS STPA-803C allows full control over the speed and operation of the pump, with features such as low-load control, fault protection, and system diagnostics. The ACU is made of stainless steel, making it highly durable, and able to withstand harsh environments and exposure to oil, heat, and dust. STPA-803C is designed for ultimate safety and security, with certified safety ratings and a wide range of features such as pressure relief valves, and visual alarms that allow for better monitoring of the system. The pump is also backed by a 6-month warranty, ensuring that users can have peace of mind when purchasing the product. In conclusion, EDWARDS STPA-803C is an efficient, highly reliable, and safe pump, ideal for a variety of industrial applications. With its combination of two interconnected components and advanced features, STPA-803C is sure to offer users reliable performance and extended durability.
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