Used EDWARDS / TEMESCAL IC 6000 #176144 for sale

IC 6000
ID: 176144
EDWARDS / TEMESCAL IC 6000 is a high-performance and dependable centrifugal pump designed for industrial, chemical, and HVAC applications. It features a stainless steel housing, high-efficiency impeller, and an integrated integrated controller for an all-in-one solution. It is designed for high performance, with an efficient impeller and full throttling capability, allowing it to achieve excellent flow rates of up to 1445GPM. The temperature range of -25F to 400F gives it the versatility to handle a range of fluids and temperatures, while the integrated controller helps keep it running smoothly and efficiently. EDWARDS IC 6000 is robust and reliable, as it is safe to run at low speeds and moderate to high pressure, making it suited to demanding applications. It is also available in several models to account for different flow rates and pressure requirements. The advanced seal technology increases reliability, ensuring long life and resistance to corrosion. TEMESCAL IC 6000 is generally easy to install, with a compact design for space-saving, and comes with a wide variety of communication protocols to ensure compatibility with a range of systems. It is suitable for outdoor applications given its IP55 enclosure, and is energy efficient thanks to the integrated controller. In conclusion, IC 6000 is a reliable, energy-efficient centrifugal pump designed for a range of industrial, chemical, and HVAC applications. It is robust and reliable, and features a stainless steel housing, a versatile temperature range, full throttling capability, and an integrated controller, which helps the pump to achieve maximum performance and efficiency.
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