Used EDWARDS TIC 200W #9097427 for sale

TIC 200W
ID: 9097427
Turbo pump controller Part No: D397-12-000 Turbo Pump Controller for 24v EXT Turbo Pumps Electrical Supply Voltage: 240v Maximum Output Power: 200w Ambient Temperature Range: 0-40°C.
EDWARDS TIC 200W is a liquid-ring vacuum pump designed for use in a wide variety of industrial processes. It handles pumping of liquids and vapors, and is extremely efficient and reliable. TIC 200W is powered by an integrated motor and pumphead and runs on standard single-phase AC power. It is specifically designed for installation in tight quarters and has low vibration and low noise operation. EDWARDS TIC 200W is a single-stage liquid-ring vacuum pump and consists of an outer shell that houses the impeller, inner shell, and intake and discharge ports. It has a robust construction and a maximum rotational speed of 2600 rpm. The pump is constructed of cast iron and incorporates an integral pressure relief valve for low pressure applications. It features an efficient liquid-ring operation that enables it to recover most of the liquid contained in the product. This makes it ideal for applications requiring reduced oil consumption. Its vented inlet port also allows it to handle high-pressure and temperature ranges. As well, it's equipped with a number of safety features such as an overload protection switch, a check valve, a pressure gauge, and an RPM indicator. TIC 200W is a reliable choice, ideal for installations with a low noise and vibration requirement. It is priced competitively and is an excellent choice for industrial applications.
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