Used EDWARDS XDS10 #123128 for sale

ID: 123128
Dry vacuum scroll pumps.
EDWARDS XDS10 is a high-performance magnetic suspension pump with advanced features designed for applications in a wide range of industrial sectors. This pump includes a single-stage centrifugal design that optimizes efficiency and can generate a flow rate of 160 m³/h and a head of up to 16 meters. EDWARDS XDS 10 is constructed with a lightweight titanium-reinforced carbon fiber impeller and housing to provide enhanced corrosion and wear resistance. Additionally, special laser-welded construction keeps the pump balanced and helps minimize parts wear and failure. The pump is equipped with a powerful permanent-magnet synchronous motor that provides a maximum of 15 KW of power and a speed range of up to 5000 rpm. This enables XDS-10 to operate efficiently in diverse applications, ensuring high pump performance and excellent reliability. XDS10 is designed to be easily maintained and serviced with features like a removable outer casing that can be opened for quick access to the impeller and motor and a belt drive equipment for easy speed adjustment. It also includes a self-priming function that allows quick start-up and operation. Finally, XDS 10 comes with an integrated control system to enable remote controls and monitoring of the pump operation. This unit runs on either a 110-volt direct current or a 220-volt alternating current, making it compatible with a variety of control systems. In summary, EDWARDS XDS-10 is a reliable, high-performance magnetic suspension pump featuring enhanced corrosion and wear resistance, powerful motor capabilities, and a universal control machine. It is an ideal choice for a variety of industrial sectors that require optimized efficiency and performance.
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