Used EDWARDS XDS10 #9096671 for sale

ID: 9096671
Pump Part No: A726 01 903 Pumping speed: 11.3 CMH Inlet flange: KF25 Outlet flange: KF25 Cooling: Air Voltage: 240V Motor Power: 0.3 Kw.
EDWARDS XDS10 is a rotary vane vacuum pump designed for the compression and evacuation of air or gas flows. Utilizing a single-stage, direct-drive motor for reduced noise and increased efficiency, EDWARDS XDS 10 is also well suited for low-pressure applications. With its rotary vane technology, XDS-10 provides a robust and dependable air pumping solution. XDS10 offers a compact, low-maintenance design that has been designed for optimal performance and reliability. It features a single large eccentric vane that is mounted in the cylinder which allows for smooth stoke movement while the vanes keep the vacuum pumping pressure stable. It has an oil circulation port and suction port to help reduce oil bleeding during operation. Additionally, it features a pressure switch to help automate the process of adjusting and shutting down the pump for optimal performance. In terms of operation, XDS 10 is driven by a highly efficient motor operating at low speeds ranging from 1000 to 3000 RPM. This means it is both cost-effective and energy-efficient. EDWARDS XDS-10 has a maximum air flow of 63 m³/h with a pumping speed of 7.5 m³/h at atmospheric pressure. It can also work at pressures up to 167mbar and can be used in vacuum conditions up to a limited vacuum range of -90mbar. EDWARDS XDS10 has a maximum peak power rating of 1.2 kW and can operate for continuous operation with an inlet port range (depending on model) of 0.4 to 1.6 mbar. It can operate in temperatures up to 50 Celsius and the motors are Class F insulation rated, designed to withstand operation in humid environments. Overall, EDWARDS XDS 10 is an efficient and reliable rotary vane vacuum pump suitable for a range of applications. With its robust design, low-maintenance and cost-effectiveness, XDS-10 is ideal for reliable and reliable air and gas pumping.
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