Used EDWARDS XDS35 #9055017 for sale

ID: 9055017
EDWARDS XDS35 is a pump designed for reliable vacuum and pressure applications. This versatile and powerful pump is ideal for industrial, research, and laboratory applications. The robust design features reliable operation at a wide range of speed andhead configurations. EDWARDS XDS 35 incorporates advanced features to enable high pumping speeds, provide greater operating stability and efficiency, and reduce noise levels. The pump is equipped with a combination of two permanent magnet motors and vaned oil-lubricated rotary vane pumps. The motors drive the vanes through a pair of precision impeller shafts, allowing a high ultimate vacuum, and superior ultimate pressure capabilities. The motor speed can also be adjusted electrically to maintain a reliable, stable vacuum or pressure level. The robust and compact designed XDS35 utilizes a low maintainence oil bearing system to use an integrated, filtered oil pump for providing substantially reduced noise. It can operate in either vacuum or pressure regimes, and can provide ultimate pressures up to 300 mbar with a speed range of 0.1-1.2 mbar/min. Additionally, XDS 35 comes with overload protection, which prevents motor overloading. EDWARDS XDS35 offers versatility and flexibility with a wide range of configurations and accessories. The pump can be adapted for fixed, semi-transportable, and fully mobile operations, with configurations available to optimize specific applications. This allows for a range of power requirements up to 10 KW. EDWARDS XDS 35 includes a quiet and durable oil-lubricated mechanical seal, meaning that the pump is free from the need for regular maintenance, making it an ideal option for continuous duty applications. This means that XDS35 can be easily integrated into industrial, research, and laboratory settings. Overall, XDS 35 is a powerful, rugged, and reliable pump designed to reliably deliver vacuum and pressure operations across a range of speeds and head configurations. EDWARDS XDS35 comes with low maintenance, and features to enable greater operating stability and efficiency while effectively reducing noise levels. Its robust and compact design makes it a great option for a variety of applications and settings.
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