Used EDWARDS XDS35i #131541 for sale

ID: 131541
EDWARDS XDS35i is an industrial-grade centrifugal pump with a wide range of applications. It is an excellent choice for industrial processes that require efficient, reliable and cost-effective operation, such as wastewater treatment and flood control systems. It is also suitable for use in industrial cleaning and food and beverage manufacturing. The pump is constructed with a heavy duty, close-tolerance cast iron impeller and shaft, making it strong and durable. It is also equipped with a bronze bracket, oil seal and strengthened bearings, which adds to its robustness and increases its lifespan even further. Additionally, the pump's stainless steel components offer excellent resistance to corrosion. EDWARDS XDS 35I has a maximum power output of 35kW and can provide a maximum flow rate of 600m3/h and maximum head height of up to 75m. The motor is designed for quiet, smooth operation and controlled by an integrated Variable Speed Drive (VSD) for precise operation regardless of demand. It also comes with an in-built control panel for easy installation and monitoring of pump performance. The pump features overcurrent protection switches, as well as an electrical insulation system which provides reliable protection against short-circuits. It also offers adjustable suction and discharge pressures, which allow you to tailor the output of the pump to the specific needs of your application. XDS35i is a versatile, cost-effective pump with a range of safety and performance features. It is reliable and designed for ease of maintenance and use, making it suitable for a wide range of commercial and industrial operations.
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