Used EDWARDS XDS35i #9096673 for sale

ID: 9096673
Pump Part Number:A73001983 Pumping speed: 43 CMH Ultimate Vacuum: 1x10-2 m/bar Inlet flange: KF40 Outlet flange: KF25 Cooling: Air Voltage: 240V Motor Power: 0.6 Kw.
EDWARDS XDS35i pump is a robust and reliable instrument designed to provide precise flow control of light gases, liquids and cryogens. It utilizes advanced technology to drive a three-stage diaphragm pump that has been proven to provide a very high level of performance. EDWARDS XDS 35I has many impressive features that make it one of the best options for liquid and gas pumping in a variety of applications. It has an oil-free, reliable running design that is suitable for a range of flammable, hazardous and toxic gases. This ensures that no oil contamination is possible. Furthermore, XDS35i has a three-stage diaphragm pump that can provide reliable and accurate flow control. This pump utilizes an advanced patented segmented diaphragm along with precise metering valves, resulting in precise pump performance. XDS 35I also features a high torque, variable speed drive motor which gives an adjustable flow rate that can be adapted to suit a variety of applications. EDWARDS XDS35i also offers precise high performance pressure control of liquids and gases. It is fitted with a digital display and indicators, so users can keep track of the pressure levels at all times. EDWARDS XDS 35I offers a wide range of pressure technology, making it great for a variety of applications. It has a thermal overload and short-circuit protection that provide additional safety. XDS35i pump is a great choice for a range of applications, including industrial process control, mass-spectrometry research, environmental testing, accelerator laboratories and other sensitive applications that require extra precision. Additionally, its quiet operation and simple maintenance make it ideal for laboratory and education use. Thanks to its versatility, XDS 35I is the go-to pump for those who need a reliable and precise liquid and gas control.
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