Used EDWARDS XDS5 #9055015 for sale

ID: 9055015
EDWARDS XDS5 is an advanced pumping equipment from EDWARDS Vacuum designed for use in a wide range of materials handling and high vacuum applications. It is a reliable, high performance, and cost-effective pumping solution for a variety of processes. Featuring a state-of-the-art design and innovative technology, EDWARDS XDS 5 can handle almost any requirement. XDS5 is a single stage dry vacuum pump specifically designed for processes operating with a minimum vacuum level of 3 mbar (absolute). It operates on a minimal particle concentration of 1,000 ppm. This makes it ideal for general vacuum applications, such as semiconductor manufacturing, medical device cleaning, laboratory equipment tests, and more. XDS 5 is equipped with a powerful industrial grade motor, optimized to generate extremely reliable operation in most applications. This also allows for a simple and flexible design, making it easily installable into existing systems. It also offers an optional continuous vacuum level control for enhanced performance and accuracy. EDWARDS XDS5 is also easy to maintain and service. Designed to be reliable and user-friendly, EDWARDS XDS 5 is an all-in-one solution. It is equipped with an intuitive LCD interface, allowing users to quickly view operational data and troubleshoot minor issues. XDS5 also offers an assortment of additional features such as an oil circulation system for persistent operation, corrosion-resistant and vibration dampening features, fail-safe oil circulation redundancy, a heated platen to counteract icing effects, and an easy-to-replace pulley unit. All of these features ensure optimal performance and efficient operation. In conclusion, XDS 5 is an advanced pumping machine designed to provide reliable and accurate performance in all vacuum applications. Featuring an intuitive LCD interface, powerful industrial strength motor, proven design, and additional features, EDWARDS XDS5 is an ideal choice for any industrial operation requiring a reliable and cost effective pumping solution.
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