Used EMERSON / ROSEMOUNT 300S1AFA01 #136173 for sale

ID: 136173
Pressure transmitter with remote seal, warehoused.
EMERSON / ROSEMOUNT 300S1AFA01 is a high performance, heavy-duty pumps designed to handle tough applications in a wide range of industries. Featuring a durable and robust design, these pumps offer reliable performance, enabling them to be used in situations where high demand and performance requirements must be met. With a maximum flow rate of up to 180 GPM, these pumps offer superior performance with efficient operation and long-term reliability. EMERSON 300S1AFA01 pumps feature a unique patented drive shaft and impeller that allows for superior efficiency, extended life, and superior wear resistance. The wear resistance on these pumps is further enhanced by the construction and use of high-grade stainless steel materials, enabling an extended service life. The optimized drive configurations also help reduce power consumption and noise levels. These pumps are built with vibration dampening features and are designed to operate in tough environments with optimal efficiency and reliability. The pump features a pressure relief valve which helps with pressure management and support. An advanced pressure controller helps maintain a steady rate of flow and pressure. Moreover, the pump is designed to handle a wide range of liquids with no risk of damage. ROSEMOUNT 300S1AFA01 is available in two different variants - two-stage vane cartridge, and two stage lobe cartridge. The two-stage vane cartridge ensures smooth flow with low noise levels, while the two stage lobe cartridge offers higher pressure ratings with higher noise levels. The compact design of the pump also allows for efficient installation in tight spaces. These pumps are suitable for a variety of applications including pharmaceutical, chemical processing, power plant, municipal water supply, general Industrial, and petrochemical processing. 300S1AFA01 has a proven history of reliability, performance, and endurance and is perfect for applications demanding reliable, continuous performance.
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