Used EVERETT CHARLES 9090 #9072771 for sale

ID: 9072771
Vacuum system.
EVERETT CHARLES 9090 is a precision, high vacuum pump designed to operate in demanding conditions. It is widely used in a variety of industries such as space exploration, medical prosthesis manufacturing, and semiconductor processing. 9090 is characterized by its superior pumping speed and technical expertise, making it a reliable choice for precision operations. EVERETT CHARLES 9090 utilizes a dual stage compression system to maintain greater control over pressure and vacuum levels. The first stage of compression is accomplished by a Roots type blower, which compresses air at speeds up to 1,325 feet per minute. This is followed by the second stage of compression, called the turbo-molecular pump, which compresses air at speeds up to 850 pound force inches squared. This turbo-molecular pump uses magnetic fields to drive a turbine wheel to create a powerful vacuum. 9090 is also equipped with a precise digital readout that displays pressure readings up to 1,000 Pascals. This is especially useful when ensuring a high level of vacuum. Additionally, the pump has an internal safety valve that can detect overpressures up to 15,000 Pascals. A unique feature of EVERETT CHARLES 9090 is its level of efficiency. The pump is highly efficient, as it uses less power than traditional pumps and has a smaller operational footprint. This allows technicians and engineers to install the pump in tight spaces, and even in mobile applications. Users can also monitor the pump's performance closely in real-time via its intuitive interface. Finally, 9090 is rugged and durable, offering resistance against damp, humidity, and dust. This ensures long-term reliability even in the harshest industrial environments. With its advanced technology and efficient design, EVERETT CHARLES 9090 is an ideal choice for demanding operations requiring superior pump performance.
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