Used FLUX INSTRUMENTS Rheos 2000 #164917 for sale

Rheos 2000
ID: 164917
LC/MS Quatermary Pump.
FLUX INSTRUMENTS Rheos 2000 is an advanced and powerful pumping equipment with a variety of features and benefits. This pump is designed for a wide range of industrial applications, including chemical and biological process engineering, gas and liquid transfer, and the extraction and refining of oils. It is also used in the automotive and food industries. Rheos 2000 has a maximum capacity of 64 GPM, with flows of up to 5 GPM available. It is capable of providing highly accurate and reliable flow rates and maintaining pressure levels. A range of impeller sizes, corresponding to different flow rates, are available and can be chosen to meet specific requirements. The pump has a robust design, with a stainless steel, heavy-duty housing that is resistant to common corrosive chemicals. This, combined with the ability to run dry, enables FLUX INSTRUMENTS Rheos 2000 to run smoothly, even in demanding environments. The pump is also designed to be energy efficient, consuming only the power it needs. The integrated, advanced power management system helps optimize power consumption, resulting in low running costs. The control unit of Rheos 2000 is also highly advanced. The digital signal processor (DSP) machine continuously monitors and controls the speed and performance of the pump, ensuring that it operates at its peak efficiency. This is further enhanced by a real-time monitoring tool that provides critical operational data. The height, temperature, and pressure levels can also be controlled with the onboard sensors, giving the user greater control over the asset. In addition, the pump can be customized to fit specific applications and can be integrated with other systems and instruments. The communication interface allows for easy integration with external systems, such as computers, programmable logic controllers (PLC), and even the cloud. Overall, FLUX INSTRUMENTS Rheos 2000 is an advanced, highly efficient and reliable pumping model with a wide range of features and benefits. It is especially suitable for industrial applications where precision and accuracy are critical.
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